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Claretta and Darius Pickett – Future Habitat homeowners


On a sunny day in January, Leon and Shirley Pickett were blessed with a bouncing baby girl, Claretta Pickett. I was born on January 21, 1976 in Boynton Beach, FL. I am the youngest of five children. I have two older sisters and brothers. I attended school at Pine Grove Elementary, Carver Middle and Atlantic High. All three schools are still around in the area. I graduated high school in 1994. I was very active throughout high school. I was in the marching band all four years, I played the saxophone, I was in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), I was in the Unity Club, and my junior and senior year I was on our senior class board, just to name a few.

After completing high school I attended Albany State University, in Albany, GA. I was fortunate to attend school there for 2 ½ years before being forced to return home due to financial troubles. In December 2005 as I was home for Christmas break my sister and I witnessed my father get gunned down as we picked him up from work at Publix Supermarket in Boynton Beach where he was an assistant store manager. This is where the financial hardship set in because he made up the difference in which financial aid did not cover. This tragic incident hit me hard because I was such a “daddy’s girl.” I am currently employed at Delray Medical center as a cashier. I am a proud mother of one son, Darius Mosley. He is my pride and joy and makes my life complete. I am often told he is my father in another world. Darius will be attending middle school the new school year. Darius also keeps me busy and on the go. He plays tackle football for the Delray Rocks, in the off season he plays flag football for Coach Neal’s Let It Fly football league, he’s a part of the SECME club in school, he attends the Boys and Girls Club, and just recently we gave up Taekwondo where he was an orange belt. I also keep busy with the community. For the past four years I have been a team mom for a team within the Delray Rocks, I also help assist with the Let It Fly teams, this past season I was a member of the Delray Rocks booster club, and also in my spare time I go to Amazing Creations Florist and help my best friend and her mother out when needed.

Darius and I attend church at St. John Baptist Church in Boynton Beach where we love to hear the choir sing and hear Rev. Chaney deliver the word.


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    18, November 2011, 3:50pm / 

    God bless you Shirley!

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